Thursday, February 26, 2009


There is not enough money to go around this week. I just sent off premiums for 2 trials in March. Total cost: about $142. I also just signed up for another 6 weeks of classes, cost: $90. Plus my membership needs to be renewed for another 3 months, so that will be $87. Grand total is $319.

One annoying thing is, there's no telling when the checks for the trials will be cashed, could be after the trial could be next week. Why do we even have checks anymore?

It’s a lot to shell out at once. At least for me.

I think of all the things I'm NOT buying, like new shoes, a haircut and color, manicures, a gym membership. Kind of weird to forego all sorts of things, technically the gym membership I could possibly swing and is the most important out of the list I just made up. Its not as though I feel deprived but when I think, ooh I need new shoes and then dismiss it out of hand automatically because I can't afford them but blithely spend $300 without questioning…well, priorities I guess.

I just keep telling myself that the season is almost over anyway. Soon it will be 85 degrees at 5 am and 100 percent humidity and no one will want to think about agility.

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