Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Catching up

Last week was very busy, my sister was visiting and then the boyfriend visited on the weekend so there was not a lot of agility. There was a fun run I skipped on Sunday due to staying up way too late Saturday night.

Back on track this morning however, had some good A-frame practice as well as weave pole practice and some quick front cross sequences. There was a really great sequence in last month's Clean Run…I think… that I need to print out and take with me so we can focus more instead of just doing basic stuff.

There is a trial we're signed up for in two weeks in Palmetto that is way on the West coast of Florida. It will take three hours to get there and we're staying at Motel 6. Not the nicest of options but the cheapest for sure. The only other time we've been to Palmetto, in September, Deej was a little shaken by the whole experience.

First of all he was completely bewildered by the room and the whole idea of staying there. Then at the trial site he was a bit on edge and the rings are only sectioned off by two strips of construction tape. In our final run on Sunday two dogs started a commotion on the edge of the ring right by the practice jump and it was nearly impossible to get his focus back. My worst fear was releasing him to have him leap to his feet and run out of the ring. Didn't happen thankfully.
That was a weird trial, he did a lot of strange things such as bailing off the dog walk.

Never done that before or since. He didn't slip -- he was sniffing and then seemed to become alarmed and felt, I assume, that it was better just to abandon the whole effort.

This morning he found some kind of spiky and delicious sea creature that he was intent on swallowing. Unfortunately it was so chewy and spiky that he wasn't able to get it down before I convinced him to let me dig it out of his mouth. Very spiky! Ouch it hurt my thumb, I can't even imagine what it was doing to his tongue.

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