Thursday, February 5, 2009

Exciting title about dogs doing stuff

This is Marco in the picture. He also had nail issues, but because he had so many health issues, hassling him about his nails seemed a little mean. In retrospect I would have just gotten over it and figured out wtf I was doing.

I went to New York over the weekend. Actually not NY, it was Connecticut…so no agility wherever I was.

We do have a trial this weekend, it should be a good time. It's an AKC trial in Vero Beach put on by some club or another. They do good work.

We've gotten out to Lucky Dog once this week for some A-frame practice. Doing the Rachel Sander's method of training, you put a box over the contact area and then gradually fade it. His striding is pretty good when the box is there but when it is not he will just run down to…well almost exactly the yellow line. and leap off. Sometimes. It is kind of heartening that he is occasionally doing it perfectly without the box there, previous to this training he was never getting into the yellow.

Kind of a problem apparently.

Its really sad when your dog does something right and you're shocked. Like the nail thing, I had decided that he was Too Crazy to be trainable about his nails. And then that it was so easy makes me just want to kick myself, I really deserve it. Ladies and gentlemen not reading this blog I'd like to direct your attention to Susan Garrett's blog entry from mid-December wherein she writes of overcoming perceived baggage.

I think I may be getting sick, I hope not but the feverish spaciness and sore throat say perhaps. If so at least it will cool enough to nap in the car this weekend.


  1. I am chuckling over your comment on pet connection. We tried nothing and we are all out of ideas!lol

  2. Hey! Nails, missed contacts and terrible table performance. Seems a common thread. Come check out my MinPin's blog.......