Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tailwagger's trial at Vero Beach

The weekend was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Both standard runs featured a selection of DJ's greatest hits, including "I don't know nothin about no A-frame."

Not downing on the table was not included although this time he decided to quickly skim across the surface of the table leap off the other side and do a quick run by of a dog watching from ringside. Then I made a mistake and sent him off course so we were pretty much even on that one.

That was Saturday's standard.

Sunday, was the A-frame problemo but our time was freaking fast as hell. It was like placement level fast, if we had Q'd and were in Ex. B. In Ex. A everyone places since there are usually no more than 3 people tops – at least 3 people who qualify.

Picked up a Q in Jumpers on Saturday with a really nice run, too slow on a front cross however.

And on Sunday the run before ours was a MACH run. Yay for them. Confusion for DJ however, somewhat for me too – um what do I do? Do I leave? And that equaled start line distraction, late front cross and weird run AROUND me into the correct tunnel, resulting in an off course, then a missed weave entry. After that it was very fast and awesome, just that little train wreck thing first. Super fast and fun course though.

Last night we had class and he did get his contact, all contacts. He's a good man, he knows exactly what to do on the dog walk. Run, run run to the bottom and then stomp frantically on the contact five times to make sure I see that he has stopped is doing good agility dog stuff and is so excited about it. Teeter is still a bit slow though, he rushes up and then panics and hesitates at the tipping point.

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