Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fun running

Last night we went to a fun run at Lucky Dog. A jumper course was set and we did pretty well, I tried to get more distance and actually get my front crosses in, I missed a couple of times. Then flubbed a rear cross.

I watched a really talented girl run with her border collie and she managed to layer the jump I was trying to cross in front of and did the cross in front of the next obstacle instead…I wish I could have tried again after seeing that.

DJ ran super fast despite my ineptitude he's getting so much quicker and more responsive it really taxes my crappy handling skills. And of course shows off just how slow I both run and think as I can usually not manage to articulate Get out and instead just gesture helplessly and say Over there. What? I don't know how he does it but he does manage to figure it out most of the time.

Even though its harder for me and of course tough on the old knees (please, do not want to be one of the many agility competitors sporting a knee brace) I prefer doing front crosses because A. he runs faster if I'm in front of him and B. someone told me when we were first starting that you should always do a front cross if you can. I can't remember who but they knew what they were talking about. I think it was LeeAnn.

So, I'll keep trying, gotta stop babysitting each jump though – four legs beat 2 legs in every race, unless its like a shih tzu, I may be able to beat a shih tzu. Pekinese for sure.

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