Friday, February 13, 2009

Goals for this weekend

I have some goals I'd like to hit this weekend:

1. Contacts -- proper stopping contacts on the dogwalk and getting in the yellow on the A-frame.

2. A fast down on the table -- Not just a down, a fast one! Though if pressed I will admit that any down will do as long as I'm not reduced to crawling and begging though I’m not above it. You can see how my criteria tends to slide. Moving on!

3. Cracking 4th place in jumps with weaves. This will require fast turns and fast weave poles which means I need to stay connected with DJ in the weaves while also moving faster. Obvious right?

Non-wide turns will require that I really carefully consider where I’m going to put a front cross and also remember that I can do a lead out and rear crosses. I really really can.

A BNT at the trial last week, and actually a guy she trains with, dunno what his claim to fame is besides the fact that his shelties are smoking fast…had really nice blind crosses. Something to consider for the future. I practice them but am not ready to plop one down after the A-frame…more likely the weaves or even more likely than that, a nice plain tunnel.

Other goals: have fun and keep DJ amused and happy!

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