Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If you can’t be a good example...

DJ was awesome at the trial this past weekend. Superstar awesomeness. Contacts were hit, tables were downed upon and weaves were woven. We got two standard Q’s. No jumper Qs but that was my fault.

He did his job, for the most part, not Saturday necessarily but Sunday he did everything he could but poor handling struck. There was a collision of sorts at the second to last jump. Not really of sorts…but an actual collision of my knee and his head.

Bad decisions were made, rear cross was not done. But the good thing was that we served as a tragic warning for all the dogs going after us.

DJ shook it off and forgot about it about 4 seconds after it happened. But I still feel terrible. Last night at class he was fine, I was mostly fine except for almost impaling myself on a jump standard. Sigh. DJ is handler impaired.

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