Friday, January 16, 2009

More blathering about A-frames

This morning was agility! The A-frame was lowered because there was a puppy agility class the night before and I finally figured out a way to get it up by myself.

I was quite proud. Deej had a few good runs and also leapt over the contact twice. Which made me not quite as proud.

But still if he does it right every time we practice well what is the point really. I've been trying to impart the feeling that this is exactly what I don't want but I'm really not sure how to so I just say oops and we do it again, no chasing the snack bag and tugging and eating snacks. Just do over.

He needs his nails trimmed something fierce. I've tried clicking and treating and going slow and such. He's just violently opposed to the idea of it. He used to be violently opposed to the idea of anyone touching his feet at all but now will shake with each hand.

Because its such a pain in the ass I drag my feet about doing it, and they grow so fast! But must be done. Seriously, his nails look like he's never had them cut in his life and its been only three weeks.

My mom's dogs went their whole lives without having their nails trimmed and they weren't nearly as bad, though Scooter did have one really long dewclaw, Madame Wu-style.

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