Monday, January 12, 2009

How not to be a good and nice person

So it turns out, if your dog runs out the exit of a ring at an agility trial and starts nipping the almost full-grown puppy playing right outside the exit like a maniac because the sight of squirmy submissive dogs makes him feel weird and wrong things…what one should NOT do is take said bad dog back to his kennel and hide in your tent crying for the rest of the afternoon.

The correct response is to immediately see if the other dog is ok, apologize and turn yourself into the authorities – and possibly submit yourself to forced readings from Control Unleashed for the next 5 weeks. You must not pretend that nothing happened, wish yourself into a hole or just vanish from agility forever.

If you're lucky well-socialized people may step in to help and understand if you are a total nincompoop who is mortified to speechlessness. Most times, in other situations, people are not very kind if faux pas' are made. Oh and faux pas' are made, yes they are.

Sorry lady who will remain nameless for that incident at that place that will also be unnamed, in the unnamed venue. Thank you for being so nice, the next day, after you weren't so angry.

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