Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dog nails and A-frames

Last night we trekked back to Lucky Dog to practice the A-frame. We'll go back tomorrow morning and hit it again. Not today though! Today is cooooooold.

It was 37 degrees this morning when we got up. This is Florida, not Michigan. We're not prepared for this kind of treatment. 100 degree heat? 100 percent humidity? Bring it.
Under 50? No thanks.

That's a lie actually, hot weather is much worse than cold, though less painful.

In any case, cold or not, today, I decided, was not an A-frame day. Need to just be patient. We have a 3 day trial this weekend and I don't want either of us to get burned out on it…plus I do want to be careful about how much I ask of him. He is the trying-est little guy, so smart and so happy to figure out what I'm trying to get him to do.

Tuesday night, the night mentioned at the beginning of this post, DJ rocked the A-frame. And I cut off a piece of the rectangle. Just a foot or so, maybe more in the middle.

At this point, its been a couple months, ok maybe just barely 2 months. And even less spent on the actual A-frame, I'm just not sure how long its supposed to take or how long it takes to get rid of the box, she doesn't really specify in the DVD.

You can't win if you can't hit contacts, so hopefully – eventually -- all this work will pan out. Because…I like to win. Yes, yes its all very fun and a great day but really who goes to trials to lose?

It’s always a long way to drive and a lot of money to watch your dog jump over your head as you point helplessly to the yellow paint.

I don't blame Deej at all, just sucky dog training.

Speaking of sucky dog training, day 2 of desensitization went well, in fact mission accomplished! I was able to hold his foot and touch the nail trimmer to a nail. A few times in fact. Now, I shall do that for a bunch more days, cursing my laziness and short-sightedness for not doing it 2 years ago.

Next goal, put one nail in the clipper.

Also, I would just like to say publically that the cordless Dremel is worthless and that is why I use a clipper. Still, and will until someone buys me a Dremel with a cord.

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