Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cheese and jellyfish

It has been dark and moonless on the beach the past two mornings. I stepped on jellyfish and they exploded.

If you've never experienced that, it is very, very discomforting to step into a slimy goo-filled organism and have it burst underfoot with a loud and disgusting pop. I screamed both times, which DJ seemed to interpret as a signal that he was going to get a treat.

He is very weird when I scream, like when we're alone like in the car not that I'm just going around screaming all the time but I yell at other drivers on rare occasions. He's like the RCA dog, ears forward head tilted, curious yet baffled.

Marco, the dearly departed, found screaming, at him or otherwise, incredibly stressful. Not that he was often if ever screamed at, I think there was one time when he was stuck on the bed and had to pee and peed on my pillow. I yelled at him but felt very guilty about it.

Deej doesn't really get stressed, not the ears slicked back, mortified with horror look of stress anyway. More like he's an alien from outer space observing the eccentricities of the native species.

Anyway, what was I talking about?
Right, more kind of dreary a-frame practice and also the table. I hope DJ doesn't find it dreary we have fun when we're there but the feeling of absolutely having to practice makes it kind of a chore, plus the whole scramble to get up pre-dawn and be organized and drive in traffic. So its not really the agility more of the attendant hassles, like getting to agility.

This morning I found that someone had liberally sprinkled the ground around the a-frame with a profusion of some kind of brightly colored cereal (kibble?) and perfectly formed cheese cubes.

The picture is from our first trial, last March. Before Deej's table neuroses developed.

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