Monday, April 6, 2009

Trial recap

Finally DJ got his AX. In fact he got all his contacts for three days of the trial. We only Q'd twice in standard however because I forgot a jump on the third day. My butt is sore from kicking myself over all the mistakes I made this weekend.

For some reason DJ was popping out of the weave poles in JWW everyday until Sunday…when we didn’t Q because I somehow caused him to crash through a jump with spazzy bad handling.

I suspect though I'm not sure…that he was popping out because I didn't warm him up properly before jumpers.

Especially on Friday because it was pouring buckets of rain by the time we ran, and probably not coincidentally that was our worst run of the weekend.

Stretching seems to help him a ton. Though his shoulders aren't totally upright, they're not as laid back as they could be and he tends to get a little tight. He did get a massage on Saturday and got really loose – in fact he was even enjoying it by the end and just stood there sleepy-eyed soaking it up! That was after half a slice of cheese and about a quarter ounce of steak.

So…there's a USDAA trial in two weeks, then there's one in early May then the last one over Memorial Day all the way in Palmetto. There's also a trial in Palmetto the 24 and 25 of this month. Premiums are due in on Friday…


  1. Yay! AX DJ!!! What's most awesome are your good contacts all weekend! Way to go!

    So, will this be your first USDAA trial? I LOVE USDAA!! It is SO much more fun than AKC. You get to run so many runs, if you want. I did NINE runs on Saturday!! That was five for Roscoe and four for Colby. I am WORN OUT!! Roscoe thinks USDAA is the BOMB. The energy is different and more easy going, but WAY more pumped up dogs, I think. He fits in, I guess.

  2. We've only done...3 USDAA trials I think. They are so much more fun than AKC!