Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things I need

I need:

More dogs – 2 more dogs to do dog stuff with! Herding, Frisbee-catching, agility doing dogs!

Better handling skillz. I think if I had more dogs I wouldn't get so fried from waiting at trials thus maybe I wouldn't need better handling skills, just less brain wasting stress.

Mostly just another dog or two.

I'm planning on calling one breeder tonight to ask some questions, put out some feelers, I don't think I'll be able to actually get a puppy until late this year, at the earliest.

And I do want a puppy, at least once. I promised my boyfriend that after the puppy our next dog will be an old man dog from a rescue. Unless he somehow finds the time to start doing agility, then gets addicted then it will be a slightly younger rescue dog. (min pin of course)

But first, a puppy. I saw a Pyrenean shepherd at a trial recently and talked to the owner a bit. Those are seriously cute dogs…I've corresponded with a breeder to find out why they have such a strange reputation.

But I have to admit I'm feeling the pull of border collies. They seem like so much fun.

The thing is and this is kind of stupid but I don't want to run in the smaller classes in agility I'd rather do 16 inch or 20, at least in AKC, for now…which puts min pins out of the running, they're just so darn small, I really like DJ's size, he's small but not *that* small.


  1. Oooh, a puppy, a puppy!!! Yes, I wonder how people run only one dog and manage all that down time. However, running two in USDAA is NUTS! I don't know how people run THREE???? And I hated it when I had two dogs in AKC and one in Open and one in Excellent. For some reason there were always conflicts.

    We have many pyr sheps up here and I wouldn't suggest them. They are SO shy and nervous. I have only seen one that was much good at agility, other than, of course, Sylvia's. My next dog will be a papillon. I know that doesn't meet your size requirement, but I know SO many fantastic working paps!!!

    Honestly, you could not pay me to have a BC. To me it's sort of a cop out. Everyone has them, everyone does well with them, they are THE dog to run in agility. I find myself impressed with the people like you who run different dogs. MinPins can be so tough, but have great drive, so doing well with a MinPin is impressive!! That said, there are some small BC's that I think are adorable and sweet and I could see myself with one of them, but I doubt I will ever get a BC.

    I figure in 5 years my MinPins will be 15, so that's when I will get my next pup. And for the first time ever it will come from a breeder. Spur will be competing well at that point and the pup will take two years, so by then the MinPins will be 17. And it will be a large Papillon.

  2. Papillons are so cute! It does seem like a cop out to get a BC, they are so darn good at everything. Ah well, some puppy one day!

  3. Darn those pyr sheps are so cute though...