Saturday, April 25, 2009


This is an old picture of Deej from a year or so ago. His nails look much better now.

DJ's feet are finally looking normal, even the back ones! It's so exciting! He still clicks a little walking on the tile but all his nails are off the ground when he's standing -- to varying degrees, some more than others. Especially those extra fast growing pointer toes on his front feet.

All in all his nails are not perfect but they're a totally respectable length. And all with his full cooperation...amazing!

I find myself obsessing over them though, and making plans for the next day's nail trimming session.

I am still using clippers, not a Dremel. That's still a challenge. But we're working on it, I don't know that he will ever like the feel of it.

BUT, with the clippers, he's finally comfortable enough that I can take my time, mostly. Its so much easier to trim his nails when I can take a second to see that I'm not going to cut them too short. It's much less painful for him when I can just snip off a little bit at a time.

Thankfully the quicks have receded on all of his front toes so that also helps. Even I don't slice into them, it clearly hurts him if its cut too close.

I see where I went wrong in the beginning trying to get them short right away instead of just patiently doing a little at a time, it was just so hard to believe it would ever be possible! Really I think nail trimming may be our most exciting accomplishment to date.

Its just ridiculous how proud of us I am! Now if only I could get some pictures, I just need a spare $50 to buy another battery for my digital camera. Though at this point that camera is so old...about 6 years old actually, I should just buy a new one.

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