Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More trialing!

This weekend is a four-day trial…should be interesting.

The bad news is that its going to be like a sauna with high humidity and of course, heat. Check in doesn't start until 8:30 but I'm going to get there around…well, hopefully before 7 to stake out a spot.

That is worst part of trialing around here…almost everything is under cover so its kind of a race to get a good spot in shade. I could put up a canopy.

Will I get a good spot, will we finally get into Ex. B in Standard, will DJ ever do a contact in trial again and will I move up to Excellent FAST. So many questions.


  1. Hey!! Good luck!! Four days is a lot. I have only ever done that once with my guys.

    We are off to a USDAA trial in CT at an indoor horse arena. Should have temps. in the 50's, which would be WARM for us!!! I may have to work out of the car to keep the dogs warm, though.

    That photo looks like he is jumping 16"? Is that his AKC jump height?

  2. Thank you! It is 16 inches...he's a giant at 14.75 inches.

    Good luck in CT, ah 50 degrees sounds so refreshing!