Friday, March 27, 2009

Trialing and blogging

Have been remiss in my blogging efforts, I think because I feel exhausted by thinking about DJ. We're training and practicing all the time, a lot of my weekday not-at-work time is spent either walking, working on nails or a trick or practicing agility. Then there's like a couple hours for eating, showering and about one, sometimes maybe almost two, hours of watching the tube and knitting.

So that's my life in a nutshell pretty much. However this past weekend we trekked way across the state to beautiful exit 224 on 75 to stay at the exceedingly craptastic Motel 6 and then do agility at the Manatee county fairground. It was ok, DJ did some weird stuff. Probably my fault. In one standard class I attempted a blind cross after a tunnel and kinda threw him off I suppose…or not…going up the dogwalk. I was halfway down the walk when I realized he was still perched on the up ramp looking petrified. Then he jumped off. The ONLY other time he's done that was at this place on this dog walk. It was the next to last obstacle and we only need one darn Q to get our AX.

So I wasn't angry I was just so shocked, he was happy and thrilled but I just put on his leash and walked out of the ring and sat down. Just dumbfounded as to why he did that.

The standard run on Saturday was good except he leapt over the contact on the dog walk, again not a usual behavior – or what we train for!, and then also bounded over the contact on the a-frame. We did manage to come away with a Q in jumpers and finished up our open FAST title.

What was good is that DJ seemed to have a good time he was mostly relaxed all weekend and didn't seem overly agitated by the change in routine and staying in a new place. The first time we went to Palmetto it really threw him for a loop and he was more on edge and anxious than usual. So that was good I feel a lot better about making overnight agility trips now too.

I'm going to stay in open FAST for a while though, the only reason we Q'd was that it was an exceedingly easy send, the boundary was really close to the obstacles too. It seemed like that anyway. I'm not sure of all the rules but the judge seemed to know what she was doing so…we did only get third because I'm really lazy about planning a course for maximum points.

Tomorrow is another agility trial, I can't wait, it's in Davie at the rodeo grounds. This place is very annoying because they forbid bringing coolers in because of some contract so they try to force you to buy stuff from the nasty concession stand. Truly vile. Bleh. Forced to sneaking around, we're at least allowed to bring water and snacks for dogs. It’s a one judge trial so we're going to be done by like noon or earlier. I can't wait, did I mention that?

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  1. I was wondering what happened to you, but I know from your blog that you had the trial coming up. It is a lot of work trialing!

    Sounds like DJ is doing fine, just needs experience. All those things he does mine all did at one point or another. They learn the routine and how it goes, but it does take experience. Plus, he's your first agility dog, so like all of us you make silly mistakes that affect him. You guys will be fine! Keep up the good work!!